Meet The SKOA Family

About Some Kind of Aweomse

Kibbe started SKOA back in January 2010 with fellow Kenna fan (and SKOA alum) Rocko so they could share all the awesome music they discovered with their friends. After a few months had gone by, they noticed they were always chatting up one particular reader of the site on Twitter by the name of Shey McFez. In mid-August of the same year Shey was asked to join the SKOA family.  SproutDr (Kibbe's bff & SKOA's #1 photographer) has been around since the beginning as well, snapping photos every step of the way and has recently decided to join in on all the writing fun. Although we don't get to hang out as a family very often, when we do finally get together it's one crazy whirl of awesomeness.

We invite you to join our family of music addicts, whether you want to contribute to the site or just want to hang out with us at shows. Kibbe and SproutDr live in Brooklyn, NY. Shey lives in Manchester, UK . You're not strangers to us anymore now since we've officially met, so come say hi!

About Kibbe


Kibbe is a maker of mixtapes and dreamer of dreams currently residing in  Brooklyn, NY. She likes dance parties, vodka, robots, tea, and sandwiches. Her favorite band of all time is Beck, which is something she takes very seriously. She's affectionately referred to by the group as "boss lady" or "rock mama". 

About Shey


The British import to team SKOA created in 1989 by his parents, who were stuck in a tent during a typical rain filled UK summer and decided to pass the time. Funnily enough that’s where Shey spends most of his time now over the Summers, as he enjoys hitting up many a UK festival and dancing like nobody is watching. Even though there inevitably is. 

About SproutDr


SproutDr is the SKOA nutritionist and photographer extraordinaire born, bred, and living in Staten Island. When/if she grows up she wants to be a vampire.  

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