About Some Kind of Awesome

A little over eight years ago, two strangers on the internet started a music blog to share the music they loved with the people they liked. A lot has changed since then and not just within the SKOA family. Our world is a different place. The music community is a different place. Technology has transformed it in ways many of us could hardly imagine ten years ago. But that's not the only way we've changed. Our global society is facing new challenges as it works to make the world a more inclusive and positive place. And more than ever, there are opportunities for new voices to emerge and impact our culture and industry to the benefit of artists and their audiences alike.

Some Kind of Awesome is no longer your average music blog. Now solely maintained by Brooklyn based co-founder, Kibbe, SKOA not only wants to continue sharing the music we love with the people we like, we also want to support all of the positive changes and influences arriving to the industry in addition to no longer staying silent about any injustice we see being brought against members of the community. Moving forward, Kibbe will showcase the things that inspire her and the community to keep working towards the best version of ourselves. At SKOA it has always been the belief that everyone is Some Kind of Awesome, some just may not see it yet.


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