About Some Kind of Awesome

Some Kind of Awesome celebrates the art of music discovery as it continues to evolve in the digital age. Since 2010 the only reason the site has existed is to connect people to songs that could change their entire life the way they have for us. The site literally would not be in existence without the magic that is sharing a connection to another human over music.

Now solely maintained by Brooklyn based co-founder, Kibbe, SKOA seeks to share as many stories and songs as we possibly can. We want to take chances on the “baby bands” that have interesting or wonderful insights so share that we think have a shot at connecting to a wider audience than they’re currently getting. We intend to adapt, to get weird, to dig deep, to obsess over details, and to not feel like we have to compete with sites chasing every last click.

We would rather this be our side hustle and not run ads than to compromise the ability to access information efficiently and experience music for the first time without worrying about whether or not your adblocker is up to date. It is our hope that if we consistently deliver songs that you connect to that you will support us on Patreon.


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