[SONG OF THE DAY] Billboard - "Moving"

Montreal mood maker Billboard has resurfaced after dropping his Memories EP back in 2017. This new song, “Moving” picks up where we left off with the dope dude and trust me when I say that there are vibes-a-plenty with this new track. Pretty sure he named this one “Moving” because it’s basically impossible not to do that while you’re listening to it.

At any rate, I am to assume this means this is the beginning of more goodies to come in the next few months. Fingers crossed!

[SONG OF THE DAY] Illyus & Barrientos - "The One"




This Friday has been quite the rollercoaster of emotions with everything going on in the world. If you’re in desperate need of a mood enhancer after this intense af Friday, let the latest from Glasglow duo Illyus & Barrientos be “The One” to pick you up. Following up their first track of the year, “Shout”, the song wastes no time getting down to business with its bright hooky brass sections and bouncy bass beats.

The duo just wrapped up an Australian tour (jealous) and also aired their latest Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, which because I’m super nice I’m including down below as well.

Happy Friday!

[SONG OF THE DAY] Flamingods - "Paradise Drive"

International psych synth-rockers Flamingods have unveiled the 2nd single from their upcoming album Levitation, which is out on May 3rd courtesy of Moshi Moshi Records. Following up initial offering, “Marigold”, the band has returned with a track that feels very much like a distant cousin of The Rapture a la their Pieces Of The People We Love era and y’all know how much I’m here for that.

In addition to the forthcoming album, the band are set to hit the road in the UK in April in May in support of the record. Dates below!

Tour Dates

03/31 –  Marrakech - Beat Hotel
4/27 – Reading - Are you Listening? Festival
5/1 – London - Village Underground
5/8 – Bristol - The Exchange
5/15 – Sheffield -  Picture House Social
5/16 – Glasgow - Broadcast
5/17 – Manchester -  YES

Levitation Track List:

1. Paradise Drive
2. Koray
3. Marigold
4. Astral Plane
5. Peaches
6. Moonshine on Water
7. Olympia
8. Club Coco
9. Mantra East
10. Nizwa
11. Levitation

Disclosure Announce US Tour

US fam rejoice! Summer can’t come sooner because Disclosure are about to grace us with their presence in May. What’s better: in addition to their multiple appearances they’re bringing along the likes of DJ Seinfeld, Carl Craig, Jay Daniel, Four Tet, and more at select dates.

Omg the Brooklyn show is gonna be outdoors at Brooklyn Mirage which means the sun will be on my skin finally 😭😭😭I’m legit losing my mind this winter.

Dates and ticket links below! Tickets go on sale tomorrow (3/15) at 10AM local time!!


5/12/2019 - Bakersfield, CA - Lighting In A Bottle Festival

5/16/2019 - Atlanta, GA -  Ravine -  (w/ guest DJ Seinfeld) - [TICKETS]                       

5/17/2019  -  Miami, FL - Club Space - (w/ guest DJ Seinfeld) [TICKETS]                                                                

5/18/2019  -  Brooklyn, NY  - Brooklyn Mirage - (w/ guests Carl Craig, DJ Seinfeld, Jay Daniel) - [TICKETS]                  

5/23/2019 - Washington, DC -  Echostage - w/ guest DJ Seinfeld) [TICKETS]

5/24/2019 - Lakewood, PA - BangON! Elements Campout   

5/25/2019 - Detroit, MI  - Movement Electronic Music Festival

5/26/2019 - Las Vegas, NV - Encore Beach Club              TICKETS

5/27/2019 - Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre  - (w/ guests Four Tet, Leon Vynehall b2b Axel Boman, DJ Seinfeld)    [TICKETS]

[SONG OF THE DAY] Kyan Palmer x nicopop. - "Antisocial Socialites (feat. Yuri Joness)"

LA poptastic newcomers Kyan Palmer and nicopop. are slowly rolling out the fruits spawning from their fateful first-time songwriting session set up by their managers. "We have a similar work ethic and taste pallets that compliment each other really nicely in the studio." nicopop. explained, "I truly feel that when Kyan and I work together, we make the music we’ve always wanted to be making.” While a lot of the songs that the two collaborated on ended up being mostly pitches for other artists, the duo saved some of their faves to release on their own throughout the year.

Following up the launch of their collab, “Unofficial Lover”, their latest track, “Antisocial Socialites” is the anthem for occasionally blowing off going out on the weekends and staying home to relax. The pressure to go out 24/7 a la “work hard, play hard(er)” is honestly really annoying, especially if part of it entails interacting with people who drain the life out of you. Sometimes it’s better to just stay in, especially if there’s the potential to just Netflix and chill instead as the song casually hints to.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Kishi Bashi - "Summer of '42"
photo credit: Max Ritter

photo credit: Max Ritter

Last week violin virtuoso Kishi Bashi announced his fourth studio album, Omoiyari, which drops on May 31st courtesy of Joyful Noise Recordings.

As someone who *full disclosure* had the pleasure of working as K’s day to day manager during the release of his 2016 release, Sonderlust, and heard the early ruminations about the forthcoming Omoiyari: A Songfilm documentary and now a full-fledged album, I have been eagerly waiting and silently cheering with every Instagram story update he’s done around this project. The album is a musical statement on the turbulent sociopolitical atmosphere of present-day America. Recognizing the parallels between the current U.S. administration’s constant talk of walls and bans, and the xenophobic anxieties that led to the forced internment of Japanese-Americans in the months following the attack on Pearl Harbor, he immersed himself in that period, visiting former prison sites and listening to the stories of survivors, while developing musical concepts along the way. The unique creative process behind Omoiyari will be documented in the Songfilm documentary scheduled for release in early 2020

The first taste from the forthcoming album, “Summer of ‘42”, is a love story set in WWII about falling in love in an incarceration camp and ultimately losing that love. As K explained, “The significance is that the idea of love, loss, and desire are consistent themes throughout history and help us to empathize with a people in a disconnected past.”

There is so much to admire about this literal labor of love that K is about to unveil to the masses, all the way down to how meticulous he was with naming the project. As he reflected, “I gravitated toward themes of empathy, compassion, and understanding as a way to overcome fear and intolerance. But I had trouble finding an English title for the piece. Omoiyari is a Japanese word. It doesn't necessarily translate as empathy, but it refers to the idea of creating compassion towards other people by thinking about them. I think the idea of omoiyari is the single biggest thing that can help us overcome aggression and conflict.”

Omoiyari is available now for pre-order.

Kishi Bashi will be performing select dates around the release of Omoiyari, which are below.

Omoiyari Tracklist:

1. Penny Rabbit and Summer Bear

2. F Delano

3. Marigolds

4. A Song For You

5. Angeline

6. Summer of ‘42

7. Theme From Jerome (Forgotten Words)

8. A Meal For Leaves

9. Violin Tsunami

10. Annie, Heart Thief of the Sea

Kishi Bashi 2019 Tour Dates:

06/08 - Athens, GA @ Georgia Theater

06/11 - Los Angeles, CA @ Masonic Lodge

06/12 - San Francisco, CA @ August Hall

06/14 - Portland, OR @ The Old Church

06/16 - Seattle, WA @ Washington Hall

06/18 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club

06/19 - Brooklyn, NY @ Murmrr Theatre

06/20 - Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club

[SONG OF THE DAY] tiLLie - "whole wide world"
photo credit: Gina Canavan

photo credit: Gina Canavan


Today marks the release of glitter gang leader tiLLie’s LOUD MOUTH EP and y’all…. *chef’s kiss*. This was a match made in New Music Friday heaven for it to be dropping today. As we saw from the first taste of the EP, “faith”, tiLLie intends to stand defiantly in her truth from here on out and if you can’t accept that then you can see your way to the door. This is a sentiment that she does not shy away from for a single second throughout the EP, with tracks like “mood swings” and title track “loud mouth” showcasing different aspects of her personality.

And then there’s "whole wide world” closing out the EP. The sheer amount of vulnerability and relatability… y’all I am so deeply grateful we’re finally getting to this place in music where women feel empowered to make songs like this. It’s songs like “whole wide world” that make me sit and think about the girls and young women who are able to enter the music industry as musicians, producers, engineers, publishers, songwriters, journalists, publicists, tour managers, or whatever facet of the industry they so desire knowing that those of us already here have been working so hard to make sure they don’t have to feel the way that tiLLie and the rest of us have all of our lives.

When I first started working in music I was so frustrated that I wasn’t born a man because it felt like it was going to be impossible to make any headway otherwise. These days I couldn’t be more proud to be a woman in music, not because I think women are necessarily better than men, but because I know that as a human person I have a lot to contribute and a good deal of that is informed by being a woman human person. Feeling like you have permission to take up space and being treated as a person of equal, not lesser, value, is something everyone deserves. I’m excited to see how love, empathy, and compassion continues to grow in the world as we continue to make space for women in music and all the other industries of the world.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Husky Loops - "Let Go For Nothing"
Husky Loops at Elsewhere (zone one) on 3/5/2019

Husky Loops at Elsewhere (zone one) on 3/5/2019

Back in November I casually evangelized the wonders of London trio Husky Loops courtesy of some diSKOAver weekly loving. Since then some cool shit has happened for the fellas. On Friday the band has released a new offering unto us, “Let Go For Nothing”, a first taste of their forthcoming debut full-length Music That Makes the World Better, which is due out this summer. The piano-forward track showcases a softer side to the band than we’ve previously seen, all the while maintaining their experimental sound.

Earlier in the week the band also made their North American debut appearance at Elsewhere on Tuesday, which yours truly was in attendance and therefore can confirm for the rest of y’all that these dudes fucking slap. Their energy is insanely infectious. It was sort of impossible for anyone to sit still for too long.

In summary, if you don’t like Husky Loops then you’re dead wrong.

I’m not sorry, these are the rules.

If you happen to be heading to SXSW next week (unlike me who will be attending couch by couch west), please do yourself a favor and make it a point to go see these guys. You absolutely won’t be disappointed.

Also buy them some BBQ and margaritas on my behalf.