[SONG OF THE DAY] Monarchy - "Back To The Start"

We’re just a few days out from the third studio album from my beloved Monarchy. After gifting us, “Deep Cut”, just before Christmas, the dapper dancetastic duo are back with a new track (and if we’re being honest possibly my personal anthem of 2019), “Back To The Start” and accompanying video, which you can find below. The video features an “alien” who descends in the duo’s lush world and proceeds to learn and adapt to the ways of Earth.

A lot has happened to the duo since releasing their 2015 studio album, Abnocto, namely there was a brief period where the band nearly called it quits a mere months after the album’s release. I may be reading in between the lines here a bit, but considering this batch of material for Mid:Night follows that ordeal with a fair amount of time in between, “Back To The Start” feels like it speaks to some of that experience.

Now that I’m caught up on emails and settled from the holidays I guess it would be a good time to hit these fellas up and get them on record about my hunches, huh?

(ps Friday hurrrrrrrrryyyyyy plz!)

[SONG OF THE DAY] Example - "All Night"

Longtime SKOA favorite Example has been cranking out some top tunes over the past year on his newly fashioned imprint, Staneric Recordings. I’m especially loving his latest, “All Night”, which in addition to painting a picture of how I envision going out in London must be like, is living proof that the man his living his best life. In addition to the new single, Elliot and his totally adorable wife, model Erin McNaught made a DIY music video after putting their kids to bed in what appears to be their living room. There’s no well thought out choreography or anything over the top about it. While other people are enjoying the video for, um, reasons, I just love the idea of these two drunk trying to quietly do somewhere around 12 takes to make this video hoping to god that their kids didn’t wake up. I wouldn’t be surprised if the song took off because people decided to recreate the video because of its simplicity and playfulness. Considering he did everything on his own for this single, I hope this becomes the norm for him. The multitasking looks really good on him.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Curtis Lowe - "Automatic"
Photo Credit: Catie Laffoon / Artwork: Leif Podhasky

Photo Credit: Catie Laffoon / Artwork: Leif Podhasky

It’s VIBE O’CLOCK ON FRIDAY, do you know where your next favorite bop is?

Don’t worry, I gotchu fam.

NY fam knows the wonders that is electro-rock outfit locals VHS Collection, but you may have missed that guitarist Connor Cook has started an electronic side project, which he operates under the name Curtis Lowe. Late November of last year he rolled out his debut single, “Breaking Me”, an elegant house track featuring vocals from Naomi Wild. This new track, “Automatic” is a hypnotic floor filler with 90s era-esque house vibes and features vocals from Ben Duffy of the band longtime loved by SKOA, Fenech-Soler.

Both tracks come from the somewhat-aptly titled, Sad Bangers Vol. 1, which out on January 25th. The EP was produced entirely by Cook and (no shocker here) played all the guitar featured on it as well. Speaking on the EP, Cook says, “ I drew a lot of the inspiration for the sonics of the project from 90’s/Chicago house music, married with modern production elements, and darker songwriting themes. Organic instrumental performances are an important part of these songs as well. “ He went on to add, “The EP features tons of guitar, sax, and analog synths (Juno 106, SH101, Prophet, and Moog Sub 37 etc), alongside plenty of 909 samples. I’m really excited about the collaborations on this EP and look forward to releasing a lot more music in the coming months.”

[SONG OF THE DAY] Ariana and the Rose - "Night Owl"
Still from “Night Owl” music video.

Still from “Night Owl” music video.

Ooo I love a loophole for my self-imposed restrictions for songs I didn’t find the second they dropped. Yesterday, Brooklyn-based boss bitch Ariana and the Rose unveiled the music video to accompany her latest single, “Night Owl”, which dropped unbeknownst to me right under my nose back in November of last year. We know how much I love some good ol’ fashioned glittery synthpop and my girl Ariana definitely is that vibe all the way down to the aesthetic of the music video. Basically if you told me that she lives in House of Yes I wouldn’t be surprised and I mean that in the most sincere way possible. Oooh if she really does maybe we could be roommates?

I’ve played this song enough times now that I feel like I don’t have enough glitter on today. Ugh. ✨

[SONG OF THE DAY] Dan D'Lion - "~treading water~"
Dan D'Lion 2018

Alt-pop sensation in the making Dan D’Lion has resurfaced after dropping his debut single, “Give What You Take” back in November. If “Give What You Take” was Dan putting his best foot forward, this new tune, “~treading water~”, is him firmly putting both feet on the ground to let us know he’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Y’all, I’m so here for this in the biggest fucking way.

As much as it’s really easy to be taken with his voice, Dan is one hell of a producer. The way that he manages to carefully layer together these ear-perking textures before we even get to the vocals and vulnerable lyrics is just such a delight for your eardrums. Definitely treat yourself to this song with the best pair of headphones that you’ve got. I love how specific he was placing certain sounds. It really helps to maintain your well-deserved undivided attention.

Very much looking forward to hearing what else he’s got in his arsenal. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.



I guess given the time I’ve taken off during the holidays in the name of self-care that I could say it’s me, but I’m talking about Austin duo MISSIO who have launched into 2019 full speed ahead with their explosive new single, “Rad Drugz”, which dropped on Friday. With synths and drum machines ablaze, the song details the cyclical habit that is substance abuse. I’d put it in the same wheelhouse of Lily Allen’s “Everyone’s At It” with the main difference here being that they’re pointing out that while everyone’s self-medicating that they see it as nothing to be proud of.

As the band recapped at the end of 2018, it was a year full of highs and lows for the band, so I’m assuming that “Rad Drugz” is the product of a big personal growth spurt.

In addition to the new single, earlier today the band announced tour dates for North America and Europe that are slated to kick off in early April. Tickets go on sale on Friday at 10am. You an head to their site for more info.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Monarchy - "Deep Cut"
Photo courtesy of  Monarchy’s Instagram

Photo courtesy of Monarchy’s Instagram


Here I oh so innocently thought that longtime SKOA fam Monarchy were gonna do their usual ultra secretive thing and not release another single until the top of the new year, but my most favorite fellows decided to spread a little holiday magic in the form of their new single, “Deep Cut”. In addition to the single we also have an official release date for their third studio album, Mid:Night. 2019 will not be wasting time being the best fucking year in a long time as Mid:Night will be dropping on January 18th. Following up title track, “MidNight” which was released way way back in March, “Deep Cut” further leans into the ultra-seductive aesthetic update that these new tracks are exuding. Not to mention the newly unveiled tracklist alludes to a more mature set of material.

For those of you across the pond, you’ll have whole days to learn all of Mid: Night before they kick off their 6-day UK tour (see below). The rest of us will have to wait and see just how many extra blessings both 2019 and Monarchy will bring to us.

Tracklist of Mid: Night :

1.Back to the Start 
2. Deep Cut 
3. Get Into the Night 
4. Deadset Lust 
5. MidNight 
6. Hula Hoop 8000 
7. Racie's Cousin 
8. Cumming Eat

[SONG OF THE DAY] Summer Heart - "Touch"

I’ve been overdue to check in on Swedish sweetie Summer Heart. I’ve caught a few of his #12songsofsummer project he’s been rolling out over the course of the year and his latest single, “Touch” is quite delightful. I’ve always been a sucker for his soothing swoon-inducing vocals but this particular jam has a wonky little playful wobble on the bass that takes the melody to an ultra-vibey level.

As 2019 continues to shape up as the best year ever I have more things to look forward to for you. Earlier in the week Summer Heart unveiled that he’ll be hitting the road with Brothertiger starting in late February for an 18 date tour on the best (see also: east) coast. Best believe you’ll see me in a pretty haze at Knitting Factory (see what I did there?).

L I V E  (US Dates)
With Brothertiger 

Feb 21 Brooklyn, NY - Knitting Factory
Feb 22 Washington DC - Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge
Feb 23 Norfolk, VA - TBA Productions
Feb 24 Greenville, SC - Radio Room
Feb 26 Atlanta, GA - 529 bar
Feb 27 New Orleans, LA - Gasa Gasa
Feb 28 Houston, TX - Continental Club
March 1 Austin, TX - Barracuda
March 2 Dallas, TX - RBC
March 3 Tulsa, OK - Chimera Lounge
March 5 Kansas City, MO - Riot Room
March 6, Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen
March 7 Bloomington, IN - The Bishop
March 8 Columbus, OH - Spacebar
March 9 Pittsburgh, PA - Cattivo
March 10 Philadelphia, PA - PhilaMOCA