[Listen] The Greenhornes - "Better Off Without It"

Earlier this year the rumour mill started to churn and talks of  a new Greenhornes album began to surface. Now courtesy of Spin we have new material and details of a new album! ★★★★ (Yes it's really called that, or if you like you can call it "Four Stars")  is the bands first full-length studio release in eight years. It's penned for release on November the 9th via Jack White's Third Man Records. Below you can check out album track "Better Off Without You",which is a nice little taster for all you fans out there. It's a nice song with a catchy chorus that'll get you singing along to it in no time.

Lawrence tells Spin that "It's not a straight up rock record like we've done in the past. There's harpsichord and more piano, backward tape loops, and other stuff like that." Is anyone else excited?! Get your Greenhornes fix below and start marking off the calendar, I know I will be.

The Greenhornes - "Better Off Without It" by Some Kind of Awesome