[Listen] Weezer - "Tragic Girl" x "Auto Pilot" x "Odd Couple" (Previously Unreleased)

Look who it is...Weezer and another story. Rivers and Co haven't been far away from our computer screens this past few months and today you can hear 3 previously unreleased tracks from back in the day when everyone loved Weezer and didn't moan about them releasing album after album of mediocracy. Hear the old school Weezer tracks below. 


It's been what a month since we got Weezer's last album Hurley so we're due another by now surely? Death To False Metal will feature 10 tracks of un-heard/un-released tracks. It is set for release on November the 2nd the same day that the re-issue of everyone's beloved Weezer album, Pinkerton.


Below you can hear "Tragic Girl", "Auto Pilot" and "Odd Couple". If you're thinking that some sound a little like new Weezer it's because some of the tracks have been re-worked and re-pieced together. I'm kind of excited to hear the rest of Death To False Metal though and I think quite a few of you out there will be too. Head on over to 107.7 The End for another track from it recorded Live at Reading titled "EL Scorcho". Happy Friday everyone!

"Tragic Girl" 

"Auto Pilot

"Odd Couple"