[Listen x Download] Weezer - "Blowin' My Stack" x "Getting Up and Leaving"

Yes, yes I know. Another Weezer headline but it's a good one. Rivers has posted up a track from their soon to be released rarities collection Death To False Metal and another track from the re-issue of Pinkerton. Rivers posted the tracks over on the Weezer forums here, and you can check them both out below now! DTFM will feature 10 tracks of un-heard/un-released tracks and is set for release on November the 2nd along with the re-release of Pinkerton. "Blowin' My Stack" is the rarity and "Getting Up and Leaving" is the bonus track from the Pinkerton release, download them both below. Go pre-order both over here as we eagerly await more Weezer related news! Thanks to Rivers for the tracks and Pitchfork for the heads up.

Weezer - Tracks posted by Rivers by Some Kind of Awesome

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