[CMJ 2010] Lucius @ Rockwood Music Hall 10/20/2010

 My first stop of the night was at Rockwood Music Hall to catch Brooklyn-based Lucius. The two singers, Jess and Holly, sing sweet and soulful songs accompanied by a small handful of musicians at any given time. I love how they bring music back to the basics - back to a time of things like clapping, stomping and humming along without anything overly flashy going on. No gimmicks. No costumes. Just two ladies sharing their hearts with you the best way they know how.

One of my favorite songs of theirs, "If I Were You", is a timeless tune about a girl who is anxiously waiting on the guy she's currently seeing to tell her that he loves her. "Baby, we've played this game for quite some time, tiptoeing on the same fine line" the girls sing in perfect harmony during the chorus. The scenes they paint in your mind, laying in bed next to someone you love, counting their freckles while they're sleeping, finding the scent of them on your pillow, etc. really give you a warm lovey feeling by the end of the song. If you're looking for a new "fall" band to snuggle up to as it starts to get cold, I would most definitely suggest this one.

More photos here.

Lucius - "If I Were You" by Some Kind of Awesome