[Watch] Blink-182 Studio Update

This summer I was transported back to my early teens when I witnessed Mark, Tom and Travis take to the stage at Leeds Festival and play pretty much a Greatest hits set to 80,000 Festival goers in a field in the Yorkshire countryside. I think Blink-182 were a gateway band for many people my age as they introduced me into the general Rock/Punk/Alternative genre's so without them I probably wouldn't be typing this out right now. I still remember being 11 and learning "All The Small Things" on my very first guitar and at 21 seeing these middle aged Pop punk superstars on stage was unreal. With a new album looking likely for 2011 this Studio Update from Mark Hoppus should please a few 20 somethings and teens alike. Check out "Stay Together For The Kids" Live from Reading Festival earlier this year after the jump.