[Listen] M.I.A. Creates Weird Social Site And Leaks Another Untitled Demo

Interesting enough M.I.A. has purchased another web domain but unlike her others this one is a bit more social. Her new site Facefacefacebook allows you to use your webcam to shoot a picture of whatever (preferably your face) and adds the YouTube Player buttons much like the cover art for M.I.A.'s last album /\/\/\Y/\. Once completed the site allows you to share it with your friends and family via Twitter or Facebook and along with that gets added to the gallery of faces on the site.

When you are scrolling through the gallery, yet another demo leaked by Maya begins to play in the background. For those of you who think this concept is weird enough (and i don't blame you) and want to hear the new tune, you can check it out in the player below.