[Watch] Manchester Orchestra - Live Session for Radio 104.5

With a busy tour schedule for Bad Books at the moment Andy Hull and Co managed to find time in between a BB show to play some Manchester Orchestra track for Radio 104.5. Not only this but we get an album title for Manc Orch's new studio offering that is to go by the title of Simple Math that will be set for release March 2011, you can watch the entire session above. The set consists of "I've Got Friends", "Shake It Out", "Baby Shoes" (From Bad Books S/T released last week) and finally the title track from Simple Math. The title track seems similar to songs from Mean Everything To Nothing in it's palm muted riffs followed by jabs at the strings that hurt the ears and come as kind of a shock if you've got the volume louder than you may have previously thought as Andy's singing voice can range from a whisper to a grit filled scream!


I personally cannot wait to hear the new album from Manchester Orchestra. Andy has a was of getting inside of my head and rattling out my deepest and darkest thoughts. I don't know if it's his finger picked guitar lines or his dark voice but it does something weird to me. Find out for yourself if it has the same profound effect on your head above. Roll on March 2011 and a little bit of Simple Math!