[Listen] Dave Grohl interview with Zane Lowe about New Foos & UK Dates

Yesterday Zane Lowe got to speak with Dave Grohl regarding the new Foo Fighters album. It is looking likely to be released in early 2011 and is to feature 14 tracks 7 of which are finished. Butch Vig is producing it and it's being done in Dave's garage using a load of Analog recording gear. Bob Mould guests and not only that Krist Novoselic playing bass on one of them too. Oh not only that the album is the "heaviest yet" and there may or may not be a movie in the making about the latest studio offering (Zane stopped Dave from saying to much and cut to a track as Dave looked as though he was about to give away far too much info!).

Now I almost forgot to mention the major thing, 2 UK comeback gigs that are set for July next year. They will play 2 nights on the 2nd and 3rd of July with Biffy Clyro supporting both nights along with Death Cab For Cutie and Tame Impala on the Saturday night followed by Jimmy Eat World and Hot Rats on the Sunday. Tickets are on sale at 9am GMT on the 5th of November. Check out why Dave is known as the nicest guy in rock with the full interview interview below. 

Zane Lowe x Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters Interview (10/25/2010) by Some Kind of Awesome