[Listen] Weezer - "Unbreak My Heart (Toni Braxton cover)"

One of my all time favorite songs is Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart". When I heard that Weezer was going to finally unveil their cover of the song (it was recorded back in 2005) for their upcoming album, Death To False Metal, I couldn't decide if I should be nervous, offended or excited. I mean, it's gotta be hard to turn down Rick Rubin when it's his suggestion to attempt something like that, right?

The track has now surfaced and I am happy to report that I still love Toni Braxton's version better. It's an interesting take on the song. I think River's performance could have been better, but I give the guy props for even going there.

Check out the song after the jump!

Weezer - "Unbreak My Heart" (Toni Braxton Cover) by Some Kind of Awesome