Audio Bullys Announce New Album!

You guys, this is an incredibly happy Friday already. When you wake up to find news that one of your favorite bands is making an album after FOUR YEARS, it's a happy Friday!!!

The Audio Bullys are back in the saddle again and have announced the release of their third album, Higher Than The Eiffel, and we can expect to see it in stores January 18th, courtesy of The End Records.

If the video above ("Only Man") is any sort of accurate portrayal of what the album will sound like, then I have died and gone to heaven.

Tracklisting after the jump!

Drums (on with the story)
Only Man
Daisy Chains
Feel Alright
Twist Me Up
Drained Out
London Dreamer
The Future Belongs To Us
Dragging Me Down
Smiling Faces