[Listen x Download] Bad Books - "Please Move" x "You Wouldn't Have To Ask"

When I first heard that there was an Andy Hull and Kevin Devine were organising a side project I nearly exploded. Then add to this the fact the backing music is made up of the rest of Manchester Orchestra, I was pretty excited and realised this project was going to be pretty special. The band in question have been named, Bad Books and they formed by accident and with no real plan to write a full length album. The pair had toured together for years within the Favourite Gentleman circle of bands. The fully realised album will comprise of five compositions each from both Devine and Hull.
Songs have been floating around the internet for a while now and if you were looking for them, no doubt you found them. However as the time grows ever nearer to them releasing there first album on the 18th of October via Favourite Gentleman. In turn the band have been throwing together a load of limited edition vinyl releases and Andy also put out some solo tracks. The band even put together a extremely limited run of deluxe packages containing a hollowed out book, yellow vinyl and a unique polaroid from the band. This package sold out almost immediately! ( I was a little bummed to say the least!)

If you head on over to the official site you can download yourself another track called "You Wouldn't Have To Ask" as well as the track below "Please Move". If you were to pre-order the album you get another track entitled "Holding Down The Laughter"! So what are you waiting for...go and treat yourself to some amazing new music and keep an eye out for them when they head out on the road later this month.

Bad Books - "Please Move" by Some Kind of Awesome