[Listen] A Day To Remember - "All I Want"

Yesterday KROQ debuted the brand new track from Florida boys A Day To Remember. "All I Want" is taken from their 4th full length studio album What Separates Me From You, which is set for release on November the 16th, check out a comedic promo video for the album here. It's been produced by Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory who coincidentally also produced Homesick. If you fancy a bit more info on that then head on over to his blog for some recording pictures and general joking around from the guys.

If you haven't heard their last album Homesick yet I'd be one of the first people to say go and pick it up, and the rest of back catalogue for that matter. Now if you are familier with the band you may be thinking this songs a bit to, what's the word, soft? But don't fear you can go get excited over the preview of another track they posted on their Facebook called "2nd Sucks", it may stop you from freaking out that the album is going to be too big of a step away from their earlier works. Take a listen to "All I Want" below.


Update: Jeremy just did a blog post to further re-assure worried fans. Told you not to worry.

A Day To Remember - "All I Want" by Some Kind of Awesome