[Watch and Listen] Stateless - "Ariel" (Teaser) x Rustie Resmak Remix x "Bloodstream" (2010 Remastered Version)

The band the great DJ Shadow introduced us to, Stateless, return with the first single from their forthcoming album "Matilda" which is set to be released in Feb 2011 on Ninja Tune. "Matilda." Working with producer Damian Taylor (Bjork, The Prodigy), Stateless have taken a more electronic line for the new album and it shows on opener "Ariel."

For those that aren't familiar with the band, should definitely check out their self titled debut, as well as their collaborative EP, Window 23, with Gavin Castleton and also our Sunday Pickup of their Acoustic Session out in Europe.

Check out the Rustie Resmak Remix of their upcoming single "Ariel" dropping in November and a remastered version of their single "Bloodstream" off their self titled debut which also appears on the Vampire Diaries Soundtrack which drops on Tuesday.

Stateless - "Ariel" (Rustie Resmak) by Some Kind of Awesome

Stateless - "Bloodstream" (Vampire Diaries Remix) (2010 Digital Remaster) by Some Kind of Awesome