[Watch] Lazer Sword - "Beast's Reprise" (Video)

Lazer Sword's self titled album was released earlier this month and we now have a new video for the song "Beast's Reprise". We got a preview of the album at the start of the month and it has a few guest appearences on the album from Anti-Pop Consortium’s M. Sayyid, Freestyle Fellowship’s Myka 9, Zackey Force Funk and Turf Talk. The video is pretty much what you see is what you get and we have all done what this guy is doing in the video at least once in our lives. Ok, we've probably not filmed it and put it in super slo-mo for all to see but it looks pretty cool thrown in with some cuts and speed changes. If you have filmed it in slow motion for your friends then touché, I apologise! Lazer Sword is out now so go pick it up if you like this and for tour dates are over on their official site. Thanks to Pitchfork for the video.

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