[Listen] The Cool Kids - "Big Talk"

Not too long ago we got a listen and a 3-D look at The Cool Kids in their track with Travis Barker "Jump Down". As well as that we got an awesome collaboration back in September featuring Mr Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. Oh, did I mention they were part of the all star cast of All City Chess Club too, who gave us some new material last month?! But now courtesy of Inglish’s Twitter page we have a new taste of The Cool Kids that even came with a word of warning; “It will murder your speakers… Don’t turn it up too loud unless ur shit can handle it. Just a heads up”. You can listen to the track  “Big Talk” in full down below. Start your Friday right and blow a speaker or two. Thanks to CoS for the heads up on this one.

The Cool Kids - "Big Talk" by Some Kind of Awesome