[Download] Beatles - "Come Together" (A. Skillz Remix)

Here we have the A. Skillz-remix of the Abbey Road-opener “Come Together”  which isn't brand new but with the Beatles back catalogue being released on iTunes just this week it arrived at a good time. I knew that Beatles tracks can work well when mixed and thrown into other situations and genres, the prefect example would be Danger Mouse's mashup of their White Album with Jay Z's Black album fittingly named the Grey Album. If you've never heard it go Google it and have a listen, it's a good mash-up. Check out A. Skillz additions of breaks and tempo changes. He also did a larger mini mix of more of John, Paul, Ringo and George's tracks which you can listen to here. For more of A. Skillz tracks head on over to his Myspace. Enjoy.

Beatles - "Come Together" (A. Skillz Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome