[Download] Pujol - "Too Safe (Produced By Jack White)"

Jackie White just can't sit still! Behold, a song produced by Jackie himself for Nashville soon-to-be-somebodies Pujol. "Too Safe" is a b-side from the band's upcoming Third Man Records 7" release called Black Rabbit.

Pujol's lead singer, Daniel Pujol, had nothing but nice things to say about working with Jackie. He told Spin:

"Jack White was very polite and professional," Pujol says of their collaboration. "It felt good to finally be in a situation where knowing what you wanted to sound like was just normal and not high maintenance. Everyone involved respected my judgment as an artist, and we all worked together to help mutually refine the single as a satisfactory meeting ground between the Third Man aesthetic and my own."

Well, we love this song. What do you think? Have a listen and download it if you like after the jump!

Pujol - "Too Safe" (Produced by Jack White) by Some Kind of Awesome