[Download] Mux Mool - "Brothers" x ISO50 Presents Dry Waves (Compilation)

The good folks over at ISO50 have released a free compilation titled Dry Waves. Dry Waves is a compilation put together to show how gorgeous and diverse music can get when you stay away from filing work into genres. They state, "All the musicians on the compilation I personally feel are on a path of making music that keeps me on the edge of my seat when it comes to new ideas and experimenting." The album features 12 new tunes from NovellerWarm GhostCom TruiseShigetoBeautiful BellsA Setting SunJoe Lapaglia, Dukes Of Chutney, Casino Versus Japan, Hooray!, Teeel, Little Foxes & SKoA Favorite Mux Mool. You can hear Mux's contribution "Brothers" off the album below and you can grab the rest of the album here.

Mux Mool - "Brothers" by Some Kind of Awesome