[Listen] Black Eyed Peas - "Fashion Beats"

So IMO the new BEP album is complete shite but there is one gem outta the 15 tracks i've heard. Any song that automatically makes you think of Daft Punk is definitely worth the listen all the way through. The track "Fashion Beats" off of the Black Eyed Peas upcoming album The Beginning samples the song "My Forbidden Lover" by Chic and the beat gives you that feeling that you are listening to Daft Punk's first 2 albums Homework and Discovery mainly the tracks "Fresh" and "Voyager." Lyrically, it's what you expect from Will.I.Am and gang but i can't hate the song is catchy as fuck. Check it out for yourself below. The Beginning hits stores 11/30.

Black Eyed Peas - "Fashion Beats" by Some Kind of Awesome

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