[Preview] Daft Punk - "Overture/Outlands/Fall"

Time is drawing nearer until we get our full taste of Daft Punk's handy work on the Tron Legacy Soundtrack. However we now have another taste of what's to come in the player below. Listen to a mix of "Overture", "Outlands" and "Fall". As well as this you can now head over to Amazon and give a 30 second preview to each of the tracks from the Soundtrack. The soundtrack itself is set for release on the 7th of December, 10 days before the film is set to hit cinemas. From what i've heard both the Soundtrack and the film are pretty epic. Check out the new teaser below courtesy of WaltDisneyStudiosAwards.com.

Daft Punk - "Overture/Outlands/Fall" by Some Kind of Awesome