[Listen] Kanye West's end of show Monologue from Manhattan last night

So with Kanye disappearing for nearly a week on twitter just days before his masterpiece of an album was to be released I was starting to get a little freaked out that he'd gone AWOL. Turns out he hadn't, and last night he played a show in New York at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan. It's a pretty small venue and tickets were released for $100 a piece and well as you can imagine got snapped up pretty damn quickly! People then began to make crazy offers for tickets (most commonly $500) with some people even offering sexual favours for a ticket on Craigslist.

He took to the stage at Midnight according the tweets and the largest grapevine that is the internet draped in a gold studded jacket. Seems like the show was pretty star studded, both on the stage and off it, the crowd consisted of  the likes of P Diddy, Spike Lee and Quest Love of The Roots. On stage Kanye brought along John Legend, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Pusha T, Prynce Cy Hi, Terena Taylor, Swizz Beatz and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon to help perform tracks from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. A pretty impressive show all round from what I can gather first thing this morning. Check out the recording from the show below where he addresses the likes of Bush and of course Taylor Swift, who he says "rode the wave" of controversy regarding the "imma let ya finish" debacle. After the jump take a look at a few videos from the show too. Props to @RyanPitchfork & @hiattb of Rolling Stone for some of the deets and the monologue.

Kanye West Monologue 23/11/10 Manhattan Bowery Ballroom by Some Kind of Awesome


"Dark Fantasy"