[Listen] Iron & Wine - "Biting Your Tail"

Iron & Wine released their newest three song single “Walking Far From Home” as part of Record Store Day’s “Back To Black Friday” on Friday, November 26. The single which also featured the songs "Summer In Savannah" and "Biting Your Tail" was released on vinyl and CD (who uses that anymore?) and was only available exclusively from independent record stores. But fear not! If you missed out on getting a copy of the physical versions, the digital version will be released on Tuesday, November 30.

Although, I feel a bit obligated to post the single “Walking Far From Home,” the song "Biting Your Tail" stands out way more than the title track. "Biting Your Tail" definitely takes a different venture from the typical folky sound that Iron & Wine are known for and goes down a more electronic/experimental road which turns out to be absolutely amazing. But enough talk from me, check out for yourself below.

Iron & Wine - "Biting Your Tail" by Some Kind of Awesome

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