[Download] Kele - "On The Lam" (Stanton Warriors Remix)

Kele (who I don't want to say was previously in Bloc Party, but he was so i've made that reference now. Too late) released his solo debut The Boxer earlier this year and it was a pretty big step away from the sounds he'd previously been making with his bandmates. The electronic dancey feel to his tracks might have upset a few of his loyal indie fans but I found it refreshing to see someone in a successful band take a step back and say he wanted to do something completely fresh and different.

In follow up to his debut he is about to release a follow up EP on which there are a few remixes and today we have "On The Lam" Stanton Warriors Remix for you to get a dance on to. Grab it for yourself below and let the weekend vibes start to get into your system.  You can watch the video for the original version of the track over here.

Kele - "On The Lam" (Stanton Warriors Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome

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