[Listen] Weezer - "Outta Here"

It's been a week maybe 2 since I last mentioned Weezer and they've clawed their way back onto my desk and into my headphones. They re-released most peoples favourite Weezer album this Monday, Pinkerton, but not only that they decided to treat die hard fans to an extra package. Death To False Metal is a rarities and b-side compilation.

In japan they also gave an extra little bonus in the form of the track below that we have for you titled "Outta Here". The track is Weezer through and through and I'll let you decide wether or not the past few months intake of Rivers & Co is too much and this album just pushed it over the edge...Personally I think some bands could take a leaf out of they're book and produce and re-work some material and keep the fans happy in between new albums. Weezer fans seem to be pretty happy right now, but each to their own I guess.

We also posted up another track from the DTFM album a few weeks back, which was a nice cover of Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart" that some of you may also like. Enjoy.

Weezer - "Outta Here" by Some Kind of Awesome