[Listen] Aceyalone & RJD2 - "Ever Seen This" (From The Sims 3: Stereo Jams Soundtrack)

RJ and Aceyalone make their collaborative return in the strangest of ways. The duo contributed a new track titled "Ever Seen This" for the recent Console release of the game The Sims 3. This track is the first song since the duo released their collaborative album Magnificent City in 2006. It's also the first track the group has produced to actually feature RJD2 on more than just production, as provides a nice melodic melody for the track's chorus. But why is this track strange you ask? The only down part that it has is the track is all sung in SIMLISH!

For those of you who aren't too familiar with The Sims series, the characters in the game all speak a language called Simlish, which is basically gibberish. At one point in the song, you can hear Aceyalone come in  the background and rap the hook in english. So guys if you are reading if you are reading this, we hope that you release a full english version of this track at some point, possibly on a brand new album. Wink. Wink. Anyways, enough jibber jabber foo! Listen to the track that is featured on the latest Sims soundtrack, The Sims 3: Stereo Jams (which was released today) below.

Aceyalone & RJD2 - "Ever Seen This" (From The Sims 3: Stereo Jams Soundtrack) by Some Kind of Awesome