[Listen & Download] Ghostface Killah - "Together Baby" x "Purified Thoughts"

The wally champ aka Pretty Toney aka Tony Starks aka Iron Man aka you know how many nicknames this man has but he's better known to you by moniker of Ghostface Killah. Ghost let loose his new single "Together Baby" from his upcoming album The Apollo Kids, which drops December 14th, via his Twitter. Also as an added bonus, we got an extra track featuring Ghost Deini titled "Purified Thoughts" which featured 2009 Red Bull Big Tune champion Frank Dukes on the boards. Check out the latest heatrocks from my favorite Wu emcee next to RZA below. WU! TANG! WU! TANG!

Ghostface Killah - "Together Baby" (Clean) by Some Kind of Awesome

Ghostface Killah - "Purified Thoughts" by Some Kind of Awesome