[Listen] Lupe Fiasco - "S.L.R"

We have a new track today from Lupe Fiasco titled "S.L.R" or in other words a "Super Lupe Rap". The new single is produced by Soundtrakk who worked with Lupe on the first of his tracks I was ever introduced to, "Kick, Push" back in 2006. Lupe's next studio album Lasers is penned for March 3rd 2011 release date, so once you have your new calender for 2011 make sure to mark that date promptly! Lupe must be busy at the moment making tracks for Lasers as well as guest spots on Kanye's G.O.O.D Friday tracks along with his super group All City Chess Club. This boy knows how to do things right. Enjoy the track down below.

UPDATE: You can now download the track in the player below.

Lupe Fiasco - "S.L.R." by Some Kind of Awesome

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