[Watch] Jack White & Conan O’Brien - “20 Flight Rock”


I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one that was overly excited to see Jack White make an appearance on Conan's new show, not only 'cos he's one of the coolest people on the planet, but because nobody seemed to know what he was going to perform. I find there's a certain amount of mystery to Mr White and it's definitely a good thing. Could he take to the stage with Meg and announce the comeback of the White Stripes? Would he do something on his own and his acoustic guitar...whip out the electric and do a cover..Maybe even Jack didn't truly know until the day? The White Stripes take to the stage without a set lists every night of the tour, so what's to say Jack doesn't do the same on his TV appearances?


When Jack did take to the stage he did so with Conan himself and the two of them played “20 Flight Rock”, which Conan recorded over last summer when hanging out at JW's studios. Now to me Jack White on an electric guitar is always going to cause palpitations and swooning. This performance didn't disappoint, with a swing feel and the standard Jack White maxing out a few tubes in his amp mid solo. You can watch the performance up top and as well as that check out the interview with Coco after the jump. Thanks to The Audio Perv once again for vids.