[Download] Los Campesinos! - “Kindle A Flame In Her Heart”

Los Campesinos! made an announcement yesterday that they are to launch a new zine titled, Heat Rash. It's set to be a quarterly publication that will “allow us to act in the moment, to talk about what we want to, as a platform for other mediums of ‘art’, and to write and release songs in a more spontaneous way.” That's not all though, like other bands/labels that have started this kind of thing (Third Man Records comes to mind) subscribers will receive exclusive 7-inch vinyl & MP3s, concert tickets, and various other merchandise.

Can't wait to get your hands on it? Order before December the 20th and as an added bonus to all the Los Campesinos! goodies you'll already be getting, you'll receive two new Christmas songs, “Kindle a Flame In Her Heart” and “The Holly And The Ivy.” You can take a listen to "Kindle In The Flame" down below via the bands Souncloud. Thanks to TwentyFourBit for the heads up.

Kindle A Flame In Her Heart by Los Campesinos!