[Listen] Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Unknown Mortal Orchestra EP (Full Album)

2010 has been a really good year for music and has opened my ears to alot of different genres of music especially the lo-fi indie scene with bands like Ducktails, Deerhunter (on some tracks) and the psych rock scene with artists like The Black Angels, Sleepy Sun and Mini Mansions. Then you have the combination genres that produce bands like Eels, Dirty Ghosts, The Kickdrums and the band Unknown Mortal Orchestra which I has heard absolutely nothing about until stumbling on their EP yesterday.

They bring in that gritty Lo-fi garage, psych rock sound along with the awesome mix of hip hop style drum breaks, then Beck (Odelay Era). But enough of me telling you what i think of them, check out their EP for yourself below. You can also grab a free download of the track "Thought Ballune" in the player below. When you find yourself digging this, cause I know you will, I highly suggest you pick up this EP.