[Listen] Colin Meloy debuts 2 New Decemberists Tracks

We got to hear a new Decemberists track not too long ago in the form of "Down By The Water" but now Colin Meloy has played a couple more while over at WFUV’s Studio (We did first see these at a KEXP performance last month). He played a few acoustic renditions of songs from band’s upcoming album The King Is Dead which is set for release early next year on January the 18th. In relation to the recording process Colin says he "thought [recording] would be a lot shorter...This was simple. Hazards was very cerebral… academic. That felt very time-consuming, and this one was just as hard. It just goes to show you that no music is easy.” 

Below you can hear the tracks "Rise To Me" and "June Hymn" which he performed along with a version of "Down By The Water". They are all great tracks and "Rise To Me" seemed to strike a chord with me for an unknown reason. If you want to pre-order their new album you can do so over here and as well as that hear the album version of "Down By The Water" over here.

Colin Meloy by Some Kind of Awesome