[Listen] Darwin Deez - "Bad Day" (Javelin Remix)

Darwin Deez never fails to put a smile on my face, love him or hate him, he can make some damn catchy tunes! "Bad Day" from his debut is a crowd pleaser live and when I heard this remix yesterday I couldn't help but think life is pretty sweet. It is Christmas after all so what's not to smile about, we all have at least a little time off work so keep smiling.

This Remix of "Bad Day" comes from the Brooklyn based musical duo called Javelin and will have you dancing around your office/bedroom/kitchen or wherever you happen to be when you click play. Darwins Debut is out now and would make a few people happy I'm sure to find it in their stockings. Check out the remix down below and have a happy Hump Day! Via Stereogum.

Darwin Deez - "Bad Day" (Javelin Mix) by Some Kind of Awesome

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