[Watch] My Chemical Romance Track By Track of 'Danger Days'

My Chemical Romance's recent release Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys saw the band leave behind the wake of Black Parade along with the gothic like clothing and don a new era for the band. Brightly coloured hair and clothing along with a new so called punk edge. As well as this the band recorded another album but only those dedicated enough to order the "California 2019" edition of the album, received the mysterious EP by "The Mad Gear and Missile Kid." This EP was a gift wrapped 2 minute song filled, guitar chugging release. More "punk" than anything on 'Danger Days' though, that's for sure.

To the matetr in hand, courtesy of Rock Sound you can now see the band talk through the first part of the album and how it came to be what it is. Check out the track by track up top and check back on Friday for part 2!