[Listen] Arcade Fire Maida Vale Session & Interviews With Zane Lowe

What can I possibly say about this band right now that hasn't already been said? Arcade Fire had one of their biggest years to date and their 3rd studio album The Suburbs has featured in just about everyones Top-Ten list and that includes Zane Lowes and Radio Ones, thus last night (December 15th), they broadcast an Arcade Fire Special. The show featured a profile on the band and talks with locals in Montreal about how the band aren't seen as celebrities in their chosen hometown. If you liked this band already after the show you will love them.

The special then culminated with a Maida Vale session with interview with Win and co in-between tracks which also gives us little snippets of information regarding certain tracks origins and how some of the new albums songs differ in a live situation such as "Sprawl II" and it's synth and weird time signatures that can mess with the crowd when trying to clap along.

After the jump you can listen to all of the performance along with the interview with Zane. They performed "The Suburbs", "Ready To Start", "Modern Man", "Rococo" and "Sprawl II", all of which gave me the chills. A breathtaking performance from a band at the top of their game. There was even more good news as they say the band plan to tour for another year until 2012 chimes in. So if you get the chance check them out Live next year! They were my definitely my highlight of Festival season this year. Enjoy.


Arcade Fire - Radio 1 Special Session by Some Kind of Awesome