[Watch] Bad Books - "Baby Shoes" (Live @ Their Second Show Ever)

When I got introduced to Manchester Orchestra last year they excited me a lot and Andy Hull's voice just spoke to me like no other artists had and then this year it was announced that in between MancOrch's follow up to Mean Everything To Nothing the guys and Kevin Devine had hooked up to record an LP under the name Bad Books, I got more than a little excited. The album featured a 50/50 mix of songs written by Kevin Devine and Andy Hull and it was pretty darn good to say the least.

Spinner have just posted up a video of them performing "Baby Shoes" taken from their LP. It was filmed by Brian Lane of Brand New and his partner Dan Nevetta who together make ApK Media. In relation to the recording Andy said. "That night was just an incredible environment where this new band of ours was able to take in an amazingly awesome and intimate setting." Check out the great performance up top and if you've not grabbed it yet pick up the self titled LP from Bad Books over here.