[Listen] Tunnel - "Hide Your Eyes" (Ex Paramore Drummer's New Project)

This weekend Paramore announced that two of their members, Zac and Josh Farro were leaving to persue different paths. Now that's a pretty big decision to make as Paramore are pretty much dominating the world right now. I also found it highly unusual last month when at a Local Natives gig in Manchester seeing Josh chilling at the bar, yet no-one in the hipster crowd knew who he was, but that could become more of a regular thing for him now that he has parted ways with the band.


As for Zac though he has already started a new project and it's a pretty huge step away from his Paramore days. Listen to the track below titled "Hide Your Eyes" via AltPress.com


He has started the band with friend Jason Clark and are taking the name Tunnel. Listen below and see what you think. Take note that the track was uploaded 11 days ago, I wonder how long he's had this project on the back burner?

Hide Your Eyes by tunnelmusic