[Watch] Corey Taylor - "X-M@S"

Last week we posted Corey Taylor's Christmas track, "X-M@S" and now it's got the official video treatment. Not only that but if you remember last year we had Rage Against The Machine and "Killing In The Name" at number one for Christmas as oppose to the usual X-Factor track, and a lot of groups have started to pop up this year. A group has also been started to get this Corey track to number one, an the group has currently got just over 13,000 members in it, but hey, who knows what could happen between now and Christmas.

As Corey puts it; "This is the season of goodwill. SCREW X Factor and everyone else going for the No1. Am I right?". Enjoy the video up top and if you want to help it get to number one you can pick it up from the 12th of December and  in the process you'll also be helping to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and stick it to Mr. Cowell.