[Download] The Streets - "Going Through Hell" (Diplo Remix)

Diplo returns the favor for Mike Skinner's remix of Major Lazer's single "Pon De Floor" by dropping a remix for The Streets' newest single "Going Through Hell" off his final album under The Streets moniker titled Computers and Blues. We got our first taste of the remix on Skinner's recent Beat Stevie Podcast along with the Doc Rotten Remix of the track. But before Skinner ends the legacy that is The Streets, he will be putting out a pre album titled Cyberspace and Reds with all new material. You can hear a preview of one of the songs from Cyberspace and Reds titled "Came Through The Door" after the jump.

Computers and Blues drops Feb 7th via 679/Atlantic.

The Streets - "Going Through Hell" (Diplo Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome