[$FREE.99] The Anderson Gang - "Ashes"

"Ashes" deserves to be in the hands and hearts of everyone who has ever experienced heartbreak...and then some. A tale of love lost, "going up in ashes", the delivery of these carefully chosen words cut into you with its sincerity and the obvious care that went both into the relationship and the song after the relationship transpired. 


The Anderson Gang, based in Oveido, FL, is a band of friends fronted by Daniel Anderson Berry. You may recognize one of the guitarists and the bassist of this four-piece as members of the now defunct Orlando group, Band Marino. 


Currently the song is being offered to you, the internet, at the introductory price of $FREE.99. An offer that you absolutely cannot pass by. 


<a href="http://theandersongang.bandcamp.com/album/ashes-single">Ashes by The Anderson Gang</a>