[SKoA Presents] Dirty Ghosts (Allyson Baker, Carson Binks and Aesop Rock)

Those of you may have about the Dirty Ghosts awhile ago on Pitchfork. If you haven't heard Dirty Ghosts consists of the former Bassist and Guitarist of SF indie band Parchman Farm, Carson Binks and Allyson Baker and Indie Hip Hop Rapper/Producer Aesop Rock programming drums and samples. The creative sound the group brings to the table is nothing less of what they even call themselves, dirty. Allyson vocals bring a sweet melodic mix to the grunge rock/hip hop beat sound. Check out the band's Myspace page (linked above) for more information on this awesome group and enjoy some of the cuts of their upcoming album below.

Dirty Ghosts - Steamboat to Concord
Dirty Ghosts - Bottled at the Source
Dirty Ghosts - Battle Slang (Via Pitchfork)