[Download] Black Moth Super Rainbow - Hidamari/Wedding (Shugo Tokumaru Cover)

I've been sitting on this unreleased song for the longest time but due to recent news regarding other BMSR band members, I decided to release this track from my secret stash to give you guys. This BMSR track is from a yet to be released compilation from label Hand Drawn Dracula called Vicious Circles. The concept of this series is to bring multiple artist together and create interpretations of each others work. The first installment of this series features work from Black Moth Super Rainbow, Holy Fuck and Shugo Tokumaru. The song below is BMSR's take on Shugo Tokumaru songs Hidamari and Wedding. We hope to see the release of this album very soon. Check out the Hand Drawn Dracula site (above) for more info and check the tracklisting below.

Vicious Circles 
Volume 1 (HDD00X) 
Release Date: TBA 
Format: Vinyl/Digital 

01. The Pulse (BMSR) 
02. Roller Disco (Holy Fuck) 
03. Lollipopsichord (Shugo Tokumaru) 
04. Clocca (Holy Fuck) 
05. Hidamari/Wedding (BMSR) 
06. Lovely Allen (Shugo Tokumaru)

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Hidamari/Wedding (Shugo Tokumaru Cover)