[Review] Every Never Is Now Tour (P.O.S., Dessa, Grieves with Budo) @ The Troubadour 2/19/2010

Oh The Troubadour! How I miss thee! I have great memories of being at The Troub, my first stage at an Ignite show, El-Producto, watching The Colourist and now catching the Every Never Is Now Tour. Unfortunately, the gods were against me (Rain, traffic and horrible Hollywood parking) in catching Dessa's set sadly. But its okay, I ran into her later in the show and she forgave me. <3 However, Dessa did join P.O.S. and Grieves on stage for Low Light, Low Life and turned that mother out. Damn, she is so talented! 

I walked in at the beginning of Grieves and Budo's set as they were performing the song "Catapult". Grieves I have to say is one of the most underrated rappers I've ever seen live but i'm sure inking a deal with Rhymesayers will bring him more recognition that he finally deserves. Grieves energetic presence is definitely felt in all his songs as he performed his set. From the heart wretching "Scar Gardens" all the way to the crowd favorite "I Ate Your Soul". He also performed some new tunes off his upcoming EP, The Confessions of Mr. Modest, which is set to be released on Rhymesayers with the re-issue of his album with Budo, 88-Keys and Counting. However, the backbone of Grieves presentation is definitely his DJ/Band Budo. From working the keys, to his amazing trumpet play and even to getting in his licks on guitar, the man is definitely a monster and is a producer to look out for in the future. All in all, the group's set is one of the best live hip hop acts i've seen.

Next up was headliner, Stefon Alexander better known as P.O.S. I've seen P.O.S. perform about 4 or 5 times and each time has been a different experience. This time around P.O.S. was accompanied by DJ Plain Ol Bill. His set opened with the opening track "Let It Rattle" off his latest album, Never Better. This song is great intro to a set as it sets a dark tone until the chorus drops with drums banging and every arm on the floor up in the air singing along. P.O.S.' set never had a dull moment as he played alot of stuff off his new album (Optimist, Savion Glover, Been Afraid, Goodbye, Terrorish, Never Better, Graves, Drumroll and even Get Smokes which was the 2nd time hes performed it live) but he also threw in some of his older catalog from Ipecac Neat and Audition (Duct Tape, De La Souls, Half-Cocked Concepts, P.O.S. is Ruining My Life, Paul Kersey to Jack Kimball, Stand Up, Music For Shoplifting which is famous in ending thumb wrestling matches against fans and even an acapella of Little Kids.) Most of these songs I haven't heard live since the P.O.S. is Ruining My Life tour.

P.O.S. punk persona is definitely felt on some of his heavier songs like Terrorish to the always satisfying mosh pit bringing Drumroll. Although, i was a little upset that P.O.S. didn't play guitar to some of his songs like he did on his first touring run for Never Better, Stef definitely never disappoints on putting on an awesome show. Take a look for yourself below, while he performs his encore for the song Stand Up (Let's Get Murdered).

In closing, if you have a chance to catch this tour in your area, go check it out! This is not your typical Hip Hop Show.

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