RJD2 and Aaron Livingston are Icebird

So I ran across this tweet from RJD2 about mixing something titled "Icebird" the other day. I replied back to RJ to find out more information, however, no response was received. Since this tweet made me very curious to find out what this "Icebird" was. I assumed it was a remix but to be sure hit the internets to gather more info. I ran across this awesome interview on Blurt regarding RJ's latest album "The Colossus" and came across a question that contained more info on "Icebird":

BLURT: Have you ever thought of producing an album with a singer a laDangermouse's current project Broken Bells with James Mercer of The Shins? If so, who would you be into doing such a venture with?

RJD2: Actually, I've got a group I'm doing with one of the singers on my album, Aaron Livingston. Same format [as the Broken Bells album] and it is almost done. I'm pretty stoked on it, as it definitely touches on some areas that are new ground for me.

BLURT: When can we expect to come out and does it have a name? What kind of music would you consider the project to be?

RJD2: I'm really hoping we have it out in 2010. But there's a lot to release. We'll see. I would say that it is a continuation of what some call "psychedelic soul": Rotary Connection, Chambers Brothers, early Funkadelic, etc. It's really all over the place. At the moment, the band is called Icebird.

So there it is in all of its awesome glory! RJD2 and Aaron Livingston have formed a new group called Icebird and we hope to have an album release later this year. For those who didn't catch our post earlier in the year with the track Aaron featured on off the lastest RJ album, "The Colossus". Make sure you check it out below and check back for more news regarding RJD2's latest project.

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