[SkoA Presents] Japanese Cartoon

NO SHACKLE! NO SUGAR! ALL SABOTAGE! ALL SABOTAGE! The wonderful chaotic catchpharase from the song "All Sabotage" by punk/pop/hip hop/rock group Japanese Cartoon. Those that arent familiar with Japanese Cartoon wouldn't guess that this awesome group is the side project by Wasalu Muhammad Jaco better known as Lupe Fiasco. The groups album "In The Jaws Of The Lords Of Death" is expected to release later this year and some of the material might be played at Lupe's upcoming tour the Steppin' Lasers tour. They have also been featured in Lupe's single off the Twilight New Moon Soundtrack titled "Solar Midnite" (where Lupe gets his Anthony Keides on). Check out some of their tracks along with their video for the song "ARMY" below and keep in touch with SKoA for more updates from this amazing group.

Japanese Cartoon - ARMY
Japanese Cartoon - All Sabotage
Japanese Cartoon - In The Jaws Of The Lords Of Death
Japanese Cartoon - Heirplanes