[Stream] Mr. Hudson "Anyone But Him"

This little nugget of goodness made its way to our ears over the weekend. It's the single version of "Anyone But Him" due to be released as Mr. Hudson's fourth single from Straight No Chaser on March 15th. We're REALLY enjoying the extra bits that they punched up for this version compared to the album version. It's much more aggressive, which is absolutely appropriate considering the context of the song. 

Hopefully there will be some remixes on the way once people get their hands on this version. 

Since we're only streaming "Anyone But Him" to be fair to potential single sales, we're gonna toss this fantastic "Too Late, Too Late" single b-side, "Woman On The Hill". A shame this didn't make it on A Tale Of Two Cities because it's a gorgeous song. 

Mr. Hudson "Anyone But Him" *single version*

Mr. Hudson "Woman On The Hill"