[Watch] Ben Folds Loves ChatRoulette

The ChatRoulette sensation is sweeping the nation!! I first caught the video of Merton the ChatRoulette Improv Pianist a week or so ago and hoped that the next time I attempted to meet strangers and dodge penis' that I would be serenaded by this guy. 

That has now all changed, of course. 

Ben Folds has decided to take "Merton's" idea of doing improvisational songs for ChatRoulette users and took it to the next level by doing the songs WHILE ON STAGE IN FRONT OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.

I am just floored that the people he interacted with didn't know who he was. The whole video is pretty hysterical though. 

I'm pretty sure I will be on ChatRoulette all night long for every night that Folds' is on tour now in hopes that he would sing a song for me. How awesome would that be, srsly?