So Hopefully Warner Music Doesn't Want to "Hang Us From The Heavens"...

Um, so yeah. If you haven't noticed, lovers of all things awesome, we had to take down The Dead Weather stuff we picked up early this morning. We've been getting IMs, tweets, etc all day from everyone and their mother asking us how the HECK we got a hold of "Die By The Drop" and "Old Mary" before apparently the entire music community. 

Allow me to explain how this happened and where we are at now. 

Rocko and I are super sleuths. We don't have nearly the connections with record labels, etc, that everyone else does so we kind of have to work a bit harder to come up with stories/content since we're still very new to the blogosphere. Typically Rocko gets ahold of certain tracks before I do because things tend to leak overnight and he's in LA and has the time advantage on me. Regardless of who gets what first, we try to keep up with everyone else as best we can that mainly just post what gets sent to them daily.

As Rolling Stone reported (and linked to us in the article!), a lot of people thought that "Die By The Drop" was going to be dropping today. So this morning Charles made his rounds to see if any other sites had new information on when the single was going to be released. 

Low and behold, look at what he found: 

So Rocko being the music junkie that he was immediately snatched it up as soon as he saw it on Shockhound, thinking maybe the single really was coming out today and everyone else just hadn't put up the listings yet. Based on that, we figured that the tracks would soon be fair game to the internet and thought that it would be okay to at least stream them (making it harder for people to try and steal them).

But apparently that wasn't the case. From the looks of our inbox Warner Brothers Records is not too happy that we believe in the doctrine of "[quasi]-sharing is caring."

Whoops. Heh.

Same was with the video. We found that a little bit later, thinking it couldn't have been a coincedence that the video and the tracks surfaced on the same day.... but it was. Their retailer partners goofed, someone leaked the video, and then Warner Brothers gives us a talkin' to. Womp womp!

Hopefully we can work something out with them so soon enough we can be spreading some Dead Weather love as Sea of Cowards drops in May (as long as all goes according to plan). Rocko and I are HUGE Dead Weather fans. I was at the first public show at Bowery Ballroom (Brooklyn Vegan even used some of my videos to report on it) and have been madly in love with all things Dead Weather ever since.

So yeah, here's hoping! Jack White - I hope you still love me! SKOA totally supported you when the Air Force ripped you off!

Have you seen this kinda thing happen before? Tell us about it